When another festive season arrives it will always excite every Malaysians, stirring every exhilarating sense available there is and when it comes to Ramadan season it is a whole different set of enthusiasm for this one particular obvious reason – Ramadan bazaar. Since Ramadan bazaars are located at almost every corner of every residence place available, it has become a classification on its own and people of the crowds are baffled as to which bazaar they should opt for. One of the many famous bazaars around is the Kampung Baru Ramadan Bazaar. Located along Jalan Raja Muda Musa in Kampung Baru, this bazaar sells varieties of unnumbered foods which probably are the reason the place to be one of the popular ones around the city centre. From all types of nasi campur to scrumptious looking kebabs, this bazaar would definitely satisfy any type of cravings that you have been having for a while.

To pinpoint every stall selling at the bazaar would be ridiculous however some of the stalls there do stand out and of them is a stall selling bubur lambuk, basically rice porridge cooked together with spices and herbs which usually can be obtained from any local mosque for free. Another one that crowd should have a look out for is the roti goreng McGyver, bread stuffed with meat in either sambal sardine, chicken or beef that has been deep fried beforehand. Quite a little unusual than your typical tauhu sumbat, one stall that sells it is in for some adventure one must say with all the condiments being stuffed inside tofu and everything is being deep fried. For any type of food you want to look for during Ramadan, this bazaar in Kampung Baru can definitely satisfy your need especially when it is easy to access with the stretch sits right along Kampung Baru LRT station. 

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