Hand crafted fruit juices and smoothies are the ideal beverages especially under the hot scorching weather of Malaysia and fortunately for us Malaysians the establishment of Juice Works has saved some of us. This piece of work of art does not only provide thirst quenching material in fact their nutritious drinks cater for much healthier by products with the usage of natural and fresh ingredients only. Calorie counters and health conscious people are sure to love Juice Works and it’s forked out outlets seem to make things much easier.

Juice Works outlets are scattered all over Malaysia from Kelantan to Johor and likewise their creations are not exhaustive. With more than 30 flavours to choose from, their juice baristas sure are quick in creating unique yet delicious drinks of which they claimed to put people on the edge of their seat. True enough! Not only is their making delicious but on top of that, it is packed with nourished ingredients to sustain your body’s health need. Interestingly – and conveniently – enough, every outlets usher its customer as to what type of drinks does the body need with the likes of the customer himself. Every smoothie recipes come with valued percentage calorie and explanation in details of its goodness. With such lead Juice Works really is a gem to its drinker. Its outlet in Solaris Dutamas is no exception. And what more is that it is situated in Publika, the mother place of all restaurants in town. Rather quite convenient of Juice Works to cater the lots there especially after a heavy hearty meal they had taken.