Jonbab Turkish Kebab Wangsa Maju

The people of Wangsa Maju are pretty much well aware of how popular Jonbab Turkish Kebab is. Tucked in the mid walk away in front of Zati Manis Restaurant & SBRJ Restaurant, this stall that sells the most famous Turkish delight better known as kebab is a total gem of the neighbourhood. Jonbab is only a compressed kiosk with restricted space to man it but it’s by product is a work of art and never cease to disappoint anyone who have had it. The people manning Jonbab are only of two people even so fast service is likely to happen which adds to the reason as to why folks love this place so much. The reason being is also due to the Jonbab’s selections of delicious sauce to choose from to complement the already scrumptious looking bits of chicken from the shawarma skewer machine.

The kebab is of course prepared in a traditional way with chicken bits fused in together with cuts of onions and vegetables but  the ultimate ingredient would be their homemade sauces with a choice of garlic mayo, smoke BBQ, cheesy sauce, salad sauce, chilli sauce, and Mexicano. Garlic mayo seems to be a hit amongst the others apparently but the rest are no less tasty – pretty much at least one of them will cater to your liking without a doubt. The taste of kebab never toned down even for a bit since the beginning of Jonbab’s operation and the authenticity of Turkish and Middle Eastern taste is absolutely assured. 

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