After serving happy customers with Western and Eastern Asian cuisine, Jibby Group has expanded to offering Chinese cuisine with Jibby Chow. 

Jibby Chow’s menu consists of a variety of authentic Chinese cuisine that is perfect for sharing among large groups and families. As for the poultry selection, you can go for their Cantonese style sweet and sour chicken with garlic chips and Crispy yam ring with kungpao chicken. As for beef and lamb, their Stir fried Australian sirloin in vinegar, chilli, bbq sauce and crispy onion rings is among the signatures.

ss of their live fish with choices of Seabass, Red Snapper or Hybrid Grouper that can be either steamed or deep fried with a variety of flavours as well as seafood ranging of Lobster, Mud Crabs, Prawns, Squid and Clams cooked with Kam Heong, Salted egg yolk, Marmite sauce and others. A range of vegetables dishes are also available. Accompany these dishes with warm fragrant Basmati white rice and you are good to go!

If you prefer fried rice or noodles, you can opt for their signature Kam Heong and prawns fried rice or Wanton noodle soup with prawns and baby romaine. A selection of fresh starters and soups are also available.

To accompany your authentic Chinese dishes, you should not miss on their authentic selection of desserts. Have a try on their Read Bean/Lotus pancake, Vanilla pannacotta with passionfruit pulps, Musang King Gelato or as simple as a bowl of hearty Ice Kacang along with Chinese tea, mocktails and others.