In the midst of lavishness of Hilton Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Iketeru Restaurant nestled itself here with the avidity to provide a high end yet authentic Japanese cuisine in line with the original taste of for instance, wagyu sirloin beef infused with the servings of Japanese classic shabu shabu perhaps. Helmed by a Japanese Executive Chef, Ricky Kamiishi, Iketeru’s extensive menu sounds promising enough for the get going of a classic taste of Japanese dishes especially a line of skilful chefs are manning the food. Such skills are not to be missed considering that they adorned beautiful sets of cuisines ranging from assortments of sashimi, a classic fresh raw element, to the ever classic teppanyaki with servings of qualified master kobe beef or wagyu ribeye. The menu here is definitely not exhaustive and keeps on updating from time to time. Many are still in awe of the cuisines here in Iketeru which explains as to why the place is always swarmed with people especially during lunch hours and night time. The authenticity it places is fantastic as some would claim and pretty much akin to what patrons would acquire in a sashimi joint somewhere located in the heart of Tokyo.

Apart from the amazing and authentic food it serves, the ambience Iketeru put forward cannot be disregarded. Prodigiously carry the name to be situated in a five star hotel of Hilton, this restaurant fascinates its customers with dark walkaway in the entrance with only an aquarium to dramatically to emit its blue light – the welcoming itself just simply cannot be missed!


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