First opened in the mid-60s, Restaurant Hung Kee is famous for serving one of the best wan tan mee. If you are curious, wan tan mee is Hokkien noodles prepared in black soy sauce with dumplings. Throughout the years, they have expanded their humble restaurant into two shop lots located along Jalan Loke Yew, KL. If it happens that you drop by during lunch hour, you will see how packed it is with customers trying to snag a table. Parking in this area can be challenging too. So, most patrons just park their cars alongside the streets.


Despite their specialty in wan tan mee, this restaurant also offers a wide selection of side dishes. The Mushrooms and Chicken Feet is said to be one of the recommended dishes here. With plum mushrooms and savoury chicken feet, it is definitely worth a try. You can also have the siew yoke (crispy roast pork). Tender and salty meat is something to look forward to, but not-so-crispy skin can be a bit of a turn off.


Now let’s talk about the main attraction of this place – the wan tan mee. Flavourful and springy noodles, with a very well combination of black soy sauce, is enough to make you drool. You can choose to put either chicken slices or char ciew for the topping. Each serving comes with a big bowl of wan tan soup. Juicy and tender dumplings filling also work well with the delicious broth that comes with it. Don’t leave without having a Sui Kao – wantan noodles with a lash of homemade chilli. Warning: if you ever consider coming here, don’t forget to wear pants with elastic waistband.