What started as a humble beginning in Johor has now transformed into a chain scattered across the Peninsular. The name may suggest the obvious, of how they start, but it is more to the story than that. The name also signifies the effort of the people at Humble Beginnings to stay humble in the business. Serving the French pastry mille crepe since opening their doors in 2007, they have added to the menu selection of cheese, chocolate and sponge cakes. Best known for their service of not just making the cake, but also providing delivery or pick up, Humble Beginnings strives to make things as easy as it can get for their customers. Even so, the branches do offer the option to sit and dine in, enjoying their delectable cakes with the beverages options offered. Believing in the idea of only using the best and freshest, the people at this bakery are all about the natural, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives and no additives ingredients. For instance, they used real vanilla pods instead of the bottled extracts, the real custard, not the powder and water mix, and the very best of chocolates, creams, cheeses and fruits. 

Specialising in the ‘thousand layer’ cake, of course the most extensive cake selection is their mille crepe. From the classic French Vanilla and Swiss Chocolate Velvet, to the cheesiness of Mango Cheese and Cheesy Cheese, with crowd favourites of Oreo’s Cookies and Cream and then the local Pandan Kaya, it is possible to find yourself visiting or calling every week to try them all. In the words of the people at Humble Beginnings, ‘there is no going back once you’ve tried them’.