Tucked in a quiet neighbourhood area, one of the bungalows in Jalan Abdullah Bangsar apparently houses a private kitchen with the likes of an exclusive home dining of authentic Mediterranean and European cuisine.

Huck’s Cafe, by virtue of the name itself, is manned by Chef Huck Seng that personally formulate every dish that is to be served amid the twist of his own touch in types of dishes to be served, recipes, and even the bits of ingredients to be used. The idea put forth by Huck Seng is to always produce qualified dishes and every plate and bowls has to have his own personal touch to it and on top of that, the menu is never exhaustive! Huck’s imagination is always going wild and creative in order to have a constant change of menus if not, upgraded ones along with his inspirational ideas acquired during his travelling time. 

Interestingly enough on the eyes, the dishes here likewise is absolutely compelling to the tongue’s palette. Undoubtedly that will always be the case considering that Chef Huck will only cater maximum up to forty people only at a time as to not hamper the quality of the food he makes.

The unique creations that he makes sums up in a full course dinner beginning at the price of RM 88 with selections of appetisers, mains - pastas perhaps, and desserts such as creme brulee and brownies to choose from. However, among the specialities that Chef Huck’s serve, the ‘Surprise menu’ appears to receive the most hit.

Only daredevils would want to opt for such since it pretty much will shift everything to the hands of Huck to surprise its dealer with the dishes that are ought to be served. But then again, who would not want such excitement? But if lucky enough, one would get to try Chef Huck's Mushroom Pies and even his delicious Lamb Shank

So if you're looking for a laid-back dining experience together with hearty and delicious meals, Huck's Cafe is the place to be.

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