Hon Kee Famous Porridge City Center

Hon Kee Famous Porridge has been around since 1949. A pioneer and to be around that long definitely speaks on what’s to come when you have a taste of their famous porridge. Hon Kee Famous Porridge is a definite go to breakfast spot for good, economical and friendly place to have porridge.

The porridge gets a lot of raved on its smooth consistency, it is lightly seasoned and served with a plate of raw snakehead fish, shredded ginger and spring onions. The piping hot porridge will instantly cook the raw fish, the flavour of the fish was definitely the highlight since the porridge was lightly seasoned.

Here at Hon Kee Famous Porridge, you can choose to have the Fresh Raw Fish Porridge, Crispy Innards Porridge, Homemade Pork Ball Porridge or even a bowl of Fresh Frog Porridge. All of the choices are top notch and really are up to preference if that makes any sense. Go for the Crispy Innards Porridge if you prefer crunch in your bowl of porridge. For those juicy frog legs lover, do give this hearty bowl a try. They don’t disappoint.

They also serve Porridge with Chicken, Century Egg with Pork Porridge and the Salted Egg with Pork Porridge. The small menu means they are expert on just these, they are famous for a reason right? If you haven’t already you should! Come early to avoid the crowd, in any case a short wait here and you’ll be enjoying a bowl of goodness, a Hon kee Famous one at it!