Yusoff Lau Bin Abdullah opened his very first Chinese Muslim restaurant, HOMST Restaurant in 2002. Since then, it has become a must-go place to have Chinese cuisine among the neighbourhood residents. Using red as the theme of the restaurant, Yusoff Lau who is also a chef himself aspired to serve an authentic Chinese gastronomy to the Muslim community. After the success of the first outlet, he decided to open two other branches in Kota Damansara and Shah Alam Seksyen 13.


This places offers a plenty of Chinese food selections from oyster, to soft shell crab, and even desserts. One of the recommended dish is the salted egg yolk softshell crabs. The moment the dish arrives to your table; you can see the gleaming of the salted egg yolk topping the crispy batter, garnished with curry leaves and chili padi. The plate is full off freshness and sweet flavours making you feel like one plate isn’t enough.


For a vegetable dish, the Stir-fried Bitter gourd with salted egg yolk would probably be the crowd’s favourite. The dish consists of sliced fried bitter gourd with eggs and a big deep fried salted egg yolk in the centre.  The salted egg yolk is coated with a thin batter and deep fried. It is pressed and have a disc shape to it. So you have to break up the salted egg yolk disc and mixed it up with the bitter gourd. Creative and delicious!


Or you can also enjoy the lala with ginger dish. It is cooked just like the usual Chinese style with garlic and spring onions that enhance the flavour of the dish entirely.  Fresh lala with a nice sauce accompanied them, you wouldn’t want to miss out this platter. So if you are looking for confident halal Chinese delicacies, don’t forget to pop in one of HOMST’s outlet!

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