Hometown Steamboat has been synonymous to crowd’s favourite steamboat place-to-be especially on weekends. Situated in Sri Petaling, this place offers more than your average buffet steamboat. What sets it apart is the exceptional types of soup base such as the creamy pumpkin porridge base or the golden abalone porridge hot pot cater especially for patrons who would like to opt for a much adventurous taste. A mild and decent soup base seems to be crowd’s favourite most of the time for instance the tom yam and the classic hit of the house clear soup base with chicken bones and spices that is simmered in the broth for more than 5 hours beforehand.

For first-timers whom are baffled with the never-ending menu, conveniently the place provide a must-tries section in the menu putting forward mini thai style grilled pork, premium sesame satay pork, the fermented beef with cheese and many other types one could think of. Coming in paxs? Worry not as the lobster steamer set meal will come to the rescue or the pulau ketam steamer set as the two cater for customers who come in mass. Refreshments are also at hand to be eaten after sets and sets of seafood is complete stretching from crispy fried chicken skin to exploding kaya crispy prawn balls. Lavish amount of meat seems to make the folks coming back for more with the American sesame pork slices, or the Hong Kong Satay char siew vegetarian meat slice with dipping at the side. With slices and slices of bacon and pork belly given in the menu, many would definitely come back to get a second or even a third shot.