Eating steamboat is never tedious especially when surrounded by the right bunch of people to have it with what more if the packed steamboat is full with fresh seafood. Freshly delivered from Pulau Ketam, Ho Ho Steamboat is best known for their fresh seafood and it seems to be one of the many reasons customers are always coming back. 70 kinds of different steamboats ingredients including fish balls, fish noodles, handmade dumplings and more. White promfet, giant grouper fish head and siakap fish head are also available surprisingly. However unlike the usual you can eat buffet, this steamboat place offers per-head fare but do not be baffled by such as the portion given is more than enough to satisfy your crave.

Back for a buck, for a minimum of 2 adults, plates of pork tofus, fishballs, prawns, and many more can be pulled. Although crabs are priced at a weightage basis however it will be worth it. One of the many must tries are the crab’s roe which seems to sweep away patrons there and not to mention their fried dumplings that are easily appetizing especially when the broth starts to soak them in. Worried that the broth might contain your ever-darling MSG that has saved many dishes for decades now? Good news is that Hoho Steamboat does not believe in such thing – quite promising with regard to their authenticity. Conveniently, this steamboat chain is located at several places so do have a look on whenever you are in Segambut or perhaps Manjalara. 

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