Heun Kee Claypot Chicken Rice City Center

Heun Kee Claypot Chicken Rice has been around since 1985 that began with Madam Heun May Lan. What started as a small stall in a wet market at PJ Old Town has now turned into a business attracting people from all walks of life. Dubbed as one of the best places in KL for a bowl of Claypot Chicken Rice, there is not a day where business at Heun Kee is slow. Even though the location of the restaurant is at one of the most notorious traffic jams in all of KL, nothing would ever come in between a man (or woman) and good food for his (or her) stomach.

The secret to Heun Kee’s celebrated success is the cooking method used for every bowl of claypot rice. Still practicing the traditional charcoal cooking to this day, the applied two-way heat system to cook the dish is what established this restaurant in people’s hearts. The first heat is used to slowly cook the rice from the bottom and the second heat is to cook the marinated chicken by placing burning charcoal on an iron lid, and then placed on top of the claypot. This will ensure that all the juice stays and moisten the chicken and at the same time perfectly charred the chicken in contact with the lid.

Although Claypot Chicken Rice is the most famous and the most obvious option here, other things on the menu have, in time, gain popularity with the customers as well. There’s the Stewed Chicken, Homemade Seafood Tofu, Pig’s Stomach in Pepper Soup, Pig’s Trotters, Groupa Fish Head Curry, and Claypot Kampung Chicken in Chinese Wine. There may not be a lot to offer but with the quality of each dish, Heun Kee doesn’t lose out to anyone.