Originated from London, Harrods is a recognisable UK brand known for designer clothing lines, as well as gifts and souvenir items. Apart from retail outlets, Harrods can be seen in the culinary business such as the alfresco café branch located on the ground floor area of Suria KLCC in Kuala Lumpur.

True to its UK origin, Harrods Cafe offers an exquisite range of English-style dishes such as pancakes, croissants, toasts and sandwiches. The pancakes are especially popular, where they serve with the brand’s very own honey and fruit preserves. There is even a special menu, where you are allowed to customise your own sandwiches. All you have to do is select your type of bread, followed by deli meat (e.g. chicken meatloaf and roast beef), salad, dressings and relishes.

But of course, no English-style meal would be complete without their signature afternoon high-tea set. Available daily from 3pm till 6pm, indulge the Harrods’ afternoon tea set that comes with freshly brewed coffee or tea. Not to forget, there is a sumptuous choice of scones, madeleines (a type of French sponge cake) and assorted sandwiches. Best of all, all Harrods’ dishes are freshly baked and prepared on a daily basis to ensure its high-quality standard.
Those who are looking to bring home a range of classic Harrods’ food products can choose to shop at the retail section. Here, you can find speciality tea packages such as English Breakfast Tea, Rose Tea and Ceylon Tea. Assorted biscuits and exclusive fruit jams such as Early Rivers Plum and Gooseberry can be found on the shelves as well.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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