Happy City Steamboat is a branch restaurant of the Happy City Restaurant group located in the Kepong Entrepreneurs Park. In an area filled to the brim with other steamboat restaurants, this restaurant is able to stand out with its wide selection of seafood which is on display in the in-house aquarium ensuring the freshness of the ingredients in your very own hotpot.

One of the most important aspects of a good steamboat is the soup, and Happy City Steamboat show that they understand this well. With a clear soup base, tom yum base, porridge and drunken soup base, there is sufficient choice to be had. The option of splitting the bowl with a partition in order to have 2 soup bases is also available. On top of the fresh, live seafood varieties available like tiger prawns, clams, crabs, fish, jelly fish, abalone and scallop, there are also other fish made items available like fish balls, fish noodles, fish dumplings and fish rolls. Another thing that cannot be neglected about Happy City Steamboat is the wide selection of home made items to place in the hotpot like dumplings, yong tau foo, meat balls and wantans. Every once in a while, the restaurant will have promotions that can really give you a great deal on your next meal, like the "Buy 1 Free 1" tiger prawn set.

In short, Happy City Steamboat has a name that synonymous with freshness and variety. For those reasons, you should not miss out on miss out on an awesome hotpot if you're ever in Kepong.