Greenhouse by Muir is a standalone shop with multiple floors in Jalan Ampang. Housing more than one establishment in its vicinity, guests could properly enjoy themselves with the different cuisines available.

Guests walking in would be greeted by an instruction manual on a wall that shows how the system at Greenhouse by Muir works. A system that is quite unique by Malaysian standards, customers are supposed to get a trolley, choose what they want, head up to pay, find a table to enjoy the meal and then throw the rubbish away when you’re done.

The cafés and restaurants available here are the Evendough Café, Kuroshio Market, an Evendough Bakery, and the BRYCG New Orleans Cuisine. Starting off with the café, one could get the drinks, coffee, tea or smoothies, as well as bread. This café focuses more on the tea than the coffee with various leaves and brewing types. Like a breath of fresh air, customers get to sample tea variety, be it loose leaves, hot or cold.

Their counterpart Evendough Bakery is all bread and desserts, where only the best get served. Some honourable mentions include Seaweed Cheese Buns, Chocolate-Cake-in-Bread, and beef and carrots stuffed Japanese Curry Buns. Plus names of desserts like the Green Tea Opera Slices, Red Velvet Gateau and Lemon Mascarpone Tart, the bakery alone showcases a celebration of worldly taste.

The main show on the lower floor however, is the Kuroshio Market. Filled with Japanese cuisines all set in trays or ready-packed for customers to load up their trolleys with. There’s also a section where fresh seafood are displayed on ice like King Crab, Clams, Salmon and Sea Bass that patrons could choose to grill or served as sashimi. If you're feeling more Western, BRYCG is the place you'd want to go. A refreshing way and idea to enjoy a meal, head on to Greenhouse by Muir for an overall exciting time.