Go Go Steamboat Bandar Baru Seri Petaling

Go Go Steamboat‘s main intention in opening healthy food based restaurant is to bring in something different. Go Go Steamboat is still new around the area as they had their grand opening on the 15th of April 2019. They are open everyday from 5pm to 12am. Go Go Steamboat focuses mainly on dinner and supper. Customers will not face any problem in parking wise. This is because parking space is provided at the basement. 

The surrounding of Go Go Steamboat is spacious and clean. Therefore, those who have small children, they can bring them to this restaurant without any worries. Even the steamboat hotpot is further from the reach of children. 

Go Go Steamboat serves their customer with a unique twist of dish. You won’t be able to taste this similar delightful steamboat soup in any other restaurants. Coconut with winter melon soup and curry hotpot are their unique twist to attract customers. Most of the steamboat restaurant serve their soup in normal hotpot but Go Go Steamboat serves their steamboat soup in winter melon. They will also add coconut water into the soup to make it more delicious. On top of that, their curry hotpot is a little spicy. This will be a good option for those who are craving for something spicy. 

The price range of their set menu are between RM28.80 to RM68.80. Customers can also choose ala carte dishes from their menu. One plate of vegetable is approximately RM6.50. Not only that, the price of certain dishes add on is RM2.50. The prices are reasonable and suits their good quality of ingredients. Therefore, it is worth it to give a try.

Go Go Steamboat introduced a few signature dishes to their customers. For instance, crispy fried spicy pork belly, Gogo crispy fried chicken, flower crab, bacon, Australian mutton slices, fresh Zhongzui meat slices and shoulder meat (pork). They serve adequate portion of dishes which is sufficient for bigger groups with reasonable prices. Therefore, it is a great place for having gathering with friends. You can chit chat with your friends while enjoying your meal.