Frisky Goat, a current must-go place in TTDI for weekend brunches or even daily lunches and dinners. You must know, this place is constantly packed with customers even on a late Monday afternoon. Founded by three ambitious young women with backgrounds in banking, oil and gas and real-estate, this European inspired café also provides a variety of bakery range.

Before entering the café, you will notice the beautiful bright blue doors that will give you the Mediterranean vibe. Then, you will walk into a very nicely decorated space that will make you feel cosy and relaxed. As the main concept is modern European, the interior is decorated with brick walls, comical wall posters, wooden tables, and iron chairs.

For brunch, have a taste of one of their delicious waffles, Monsieur Ben Waffles. You will be delighted by the perfectly poached eggs served with bacons, spinach and Belgian waffle. The fact that the waffle is not sweeten makes this traditional Eggs Benedict dish even more delightful. Other crowd pleasers include the sweet version and topped with crispy fried chicken.

Sometimes, we’re just in the mood for some comfort food. Croque Monsieur made like a Madame with a sunny side-up egg would be the perfect choice. Prepared with turkey ham, cheese, béchamel sauce, French fries and salad on the side, it will undeniably fill your tummy with joy.

Finish up your meal with the very famous Nutella Pavlova. The innovative dessert consists of lovely layers of chocolate cream, hazelnut cream, and more cream. Not to forget, the delicious meringue is made of Nutella.

Coffees and teas here are definitely worth a try, too. They offer various sorts of drinks from juices, to coffee and also ten kinds of TWG teas. Beers are also available to go alongside your dish.

If you enjoy French playlist playing in the background, free Wi-Fi, yummy homemade desserts and pastries, and delicious comfort food, this is the ideal go-to place for you.