For goodness sakes! What it means may vary based on every different individual. Usually, it is used to express annoyance or even frustration. That is exactly what happened with Sheila Philip when she used to go visit eateries and taste their cakes together with her three other fitness boot camp buddies, Foo Lee Kit, Rajitha Rajalingam, and Ramiza Ramatullah founded the place. Even earned a nick name for herself of “dessert nazi” as she usually is a hard to please lady. Fed up, the four of them decided to open their own eatery in Desa Sri Hartamas no too far away from Mont Kiara. 

They decided to open their own place and show the others how it should be properly done. In regards to the name of their eatery, “For Goodness Cakes” makes it obvious that they specialise in pastries or more specifically cakes. Cake lovers can visit the eatery and choose from a mouth-watering wide variety of cakes. Redefining the meaning of how cakes are made and look, cake admirers and cravers alike can, for sure, taste the goodness that the cakes served here can bring.

Cakes served here are in plentiful and may vary from day to day with cakes and pastries are constantly evolving and improving with the bakers consistently dreaming up of new ways to wow your taste buds. Among the cakes to look out for is the Chocolate Cake with Coffee Butter Cream, Vanilla Cake with Chocolate Sauce, Chilled Strawberry Cheesecake and their very own creative Toffee and Apple Upside Down Cake. Other dishes served includes, big breakfasts, wraps and brownies to surely satisfy your cravings. 

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