Since 1974, Foong Foong Yong Tau Foo has become the go-to restaurant for yong tau foo lovers around Ampang. Specialising only on yong tau foo, this nearly four-decade old restaurant sure knows how to attract its customers.


Whether you are a regular customer or not, you must know the correct way to order your food. Don’t bother sitting around your table waiting to be served. You are going to end up starving. You have to order your food at the counter and they will broadcast it to the kitchen. You read that right. They use a microphone to send the orders back in the kitchen.


For first timers and those who have no clue on what to order, here’s an idea. Just tell the boss holding the microphone that you want a mixed plate. He will ask you the number of people eating and will estimate the right portion for you. Your food will be delivered in 10-minute time. The plate will be filled with colourful mixture of red and green chillies, lady fingers, egg plants, bitter gourd, tofu, fried tofu rolls and fish balls.


It is all stuffed with meaty fish and pork fillings. It will be served with a mild flavoursome stewing gravy sauce to complete the meal. What you will enjoy most is the the natural flavours of the vegetables and the mixture of both the fillings and the veggies.


The fact that they made their own yong tau foo in their kitchen makes this restaurant even more authentic. We all know that these days people tend to get the paste straight from their suppliers which can be less authentic from the original Hakka yong tau foo.


After 4 decades of uncountable servings of good Hakka foods, this renowned restaurant never fails to deliver mouth-watering yong tau foo. It's no surprise on why it has remained so popular with locals and visitors alike. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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