Exactly 1 PM is some, or most people’s start to their much awaited lunch hour. For others, probably later or earlier. So, during this time, most probably the usual questions will arise among you and your colleagues and friends, “where on Earth should we head to for lunch today?” What would be the response you would give or hear? Perhaps, a mamak restaurant or that nearby hawker restaurant? Well, food courts can be an example, it is affordable and has a wide variety of dishes to choose from, perfect for a bunch of people, all with different taste buds.

Food Clans can just be that place for you. Situated on the lower ground floor of G Tower, a few minutes’ walk from the Ampang Park LRT Station, patrons can enjoy from a wide range different cuisines from different regions. The place can get quite busy, especially during lunch time. So, if possible, do come early to ensure a good seat. The ambience is actually extremely cosy even with the usual crowd and with a modern design, the place never feels too cramped but spacious in every way, unless you actually sit 8 at a 6 person table then, well.

While here, do give their char kuey teow a go. It features the usual ingredients and classic taste, nicely complimenting the theme of the food court. Having a cup of classic iced coffee will go perfectly with that afternoon meal of yours. However, there are many to choose from, so do not hesitate to try out as many as you can. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

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