Fish Ball Mee KNL Restaurant City Center

Sitting in the midst of Kg Baru Area is a rundown shop that was once – and still is – a famous restaurant named Fish Ball Mee KNL Restaurant. This restaurant has stood against the test of time since the beginning of its operation back in the 60’s. Until today, Fish Ball Mee KNL is considered one of the best restaurants in delivering a good bowl of fish ball noodle. But of course fish ball noodle is only one among many other delicious dishes this restaurant serves. With a rather quite an intermediate menu customers can choose from ranging from kow yok, a plate of braised fried pork to poached chicken, KNL does seem to know what their customers always want to opt for. Any first timer would want to have a taste on KNL’s fish ball noodle, sort of like an inauguration meal for a first visit into this place perhaps.

A bowl of fish ball noodle usually consists of noodles with a choice of egg noodle, kuey teow, or mee hoon with quite a number of big and juicy fish balls bouncing in the perfect crystal clear broth and some cuts of cabbages all packed in one bowl. Regulars would usually opt for kow yok as their side dish to be eaten with the noodle soup and the combination is beyond delectable. The pork in kow yok is braised in sauces and herbs until the meat is tender and yet does not lose its juiciness. Perhaps the one thing the one thing patrons go down the line at this place is the years and generations of expertise in making a perfect and succulent fish ball noodle.