Another hipster joint that proves you can make a Klang Valley tour of hipster cafes and it will take you weeks. Fikcles is purposely spelled in that way to make their name more unique to the eye of any beholder. Located in the one of the most vibrant areas, filled with other hipster place that is TTDI, Fikcles is another café that should be on the list. 

The menu at Fikcles will make you feel like wanting to try everything. Of course, there’s the usual Nasi Lemak and Fried Rice, but ever heard of Fried Lontong? Lontong is a dish usually eaten with vegetables in creamy yellow stew but Fikcles went above and beyond by customising this common dish. The rice cakes are fried with onions, ginger, chilli, garlic and egg, topped with coriander and fried onions for a bit more crunch. The recommended dish, however, is the Salted Egg Squid Wrap. It consists of deep fried squid with salted egg and vegetables, in a tortilla wrap with sides of salad and fries. Not the usual combination for anything let alone wraps, but the surprise is on how good it taste as oppose to the unique fusion. Other worthy mentions include the Pasta selection, Braised BBQ Short Ribs, and Mini Burger Sliders.

The shop was decorated in the usual contemporary style without going overboard, creating a peaceful environment to enjoy good food and a good chat. For the quality and quantity of food served to your table, Fikcles are not that fickle with the pricing. A price tag that is more than affordable for the standard of hipster cafés, it is joy to be here all day, any day.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Saturday, Sunday

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