Fatboy's The Burger Bar Solaris Dutamas

Bringing the burger evolution to the mix is Fatboy’s The Burger Bar, a success burger story from neighbouring country, Singapore. Fatboy’s The Burger Bar lets you build your own burger! Choose from their list of buns, patties, cheeses, add-ons and sauces, and they will tailor it to your preference.

Their already extensive menu does not disappoint; their signature treat, Fat Basterd is done up to perfection. The matrimonial success of the pork bacon and the two luscious patties topped with cheddar cheese, fried egg and a savoury sauce, is indeed a homerun! 

At Fatboy’s The Burger Bar, expect to get your hands messy and your tummies filled as they serve huge portions of burgers here. It’s not something a big eater can’t handle, however. The idea of building your own burger is intriguing, isn’t it? Let your imagination run very wild here when personalising your own burger and it might even be something you can recommend to your friends! 

If you’re not as adventurous by ways of crafting your own customised burger, you can always try their specialty burgers. You can’t go wrong there, either - there’s a reason why it is on the menu. Wimpy gets a lot of rave; you can choose to have pork, lamb or even beef patties to go on your Wimpy. Feeling a bit more daring? Give a go at The Elvis, bacon stuffed pork patty with grilled bananas and creamy peanut butter on honey oat bun. The combo of sweet and savoury is definitely for the more daring ones. 

Their Best of the rest menu will give you some comfort that burgers aren’t the only thing on offer here at Fatboy’s The Burger Bar. You may also want to try their Spaghetti Meatballs, Chicken Mac and Cheese and Pan Fried Salmon Fillet while you’re there. 

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