Face To Face Noodle House @ Pandan Indah Pandan Indah

Face to Face has had 100 years worth of history that began with the great grandfather that managed to learn and perfected the art of the rare Jook Sing noodles. What started in China then moved to Malaysian Sarawak, and created what is known and love today, Mee Kolok. The fourth generation then decided to start a business that would commercialise Sarawak’s finest, thus starting the chain of restaurant known as Face to Face Noodle House. Unlike most restaurants, Face to Face believe that their products are high quality enough to travel by word of mouth as seen in the restaurant chain success. Note that different branches do have their own identity but generally with a standardised menu. 

Offering not just Sarawak Noodles but also Malaysian Chinese Hakka-style noodles, Pan Mee, the chain is known to be one of the few that offer such menu. Come in different varieties, customers can enjoy a bowl of noodles in the dry version or the wet version, a normal taste or getting a kick out of the spicy one. Staying true to its roots, most of the dishes in the menu have a Sarawakian twist to it. Other things on the menu include rice noodles, of Bee Hoon and Kuey Teow, fulfilling rice dishes, dumplings and wontons as side orders, as well as popular Malaysian desserts like ABC and Cendol. Although Sarawak Noodles and Pan Mee are traditionally served as breakfast, the versatility of Face to Face allows patrons to enjoy a bowl of noodles at any time of day. Vegetarians can also revel in the vegetarian menu that caters to fully vegetarians that forego egg in their diet, and those who doesn’t.

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Saturday, Sunday

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