Picture this. Wither away in a quiet rainy afternoon after a long day at work while splurging on a warm sweet potato soup out of REEF Bowl as the Japanese Maruyama dark roast brewing at the side with aromas filling up the spaces, and jazz songs blasting dimly enough to occupy the mind. It may sound like an unbelievable scene coming straight out of a manga, but truth be told, the zen-like setting is exactly what Exhibit Cafe is offering when one gets a chance to visit there.

Specialising in coffee beans and blends of Maruyama Coffee, Japan’s best-known roaster, the love towards such delicate masterpiece stems from Loo See Hin and his Japanese wife, Rie, beginning the year 2011. Straight up from the right man of Kentaro Maruyama himself, the brand is being brought in to Malaysia for the first time and has been brewing ever since. Panama Juliette being an award-wining beans brand known widely is also sold at Exhibit. Although coffee is the forte of the cafe, however, a wide range of savoury Japanese dishes that Rie herself personally prepares seems to add up to the warm experience. Exhibit’s signature, the Sauté Chicken with Fresh Tomato Sauce is a must-try apart from its most-liked Dual Cheesecake.

Exhibit also lives up to the descriptive part of its name. Since it is a concept store, the furniture showcasing on every corners of the place is Japanese designed products that can also be bought on the spot or other authorized retailers. Carrying names such as KINTO, RIVERS, DRINKWARE and others, Exhibit Cafe is definitely carrying its catch line phrase ‘Life is Art’ into life.

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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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