ENAK - which literally translates to 'Delicious' in BM, is an exquisite and fine Malay restaurant. Located deep within the basement of Starhill Gallery, lies one of Kuala Lumpur's most unique and exciting restaurant - ENAK. 

They also believe that food isn't all there is to dining as the ambiance and service plays a huge role as well. Which is why ENAK's interior design is done with sense of style, comfort and aesthetics. The vibrant red from the decor pairs really well with the balance of whites from the walls and covers, along with brown from the timber furnitures as well. With that in mind, comfort is without a doubt, a given.

Followed by the excellent service where ENAK KL places heavy priorities on. Waiters are trained to not only attend to customers with a smile, but to assists in small matters such as menu taking, refiling of water, billing etc. Utensils and cutleries are sparkling clean with little to no dust and smudges. Orders are brought in correctly, so on and so forth. All these elements will make significant difference to a dining experience of a restaurant, which ENAK KL has already proven.

As for their cuisine, one does not need to worry but only the method of eating. Due to its complex design of each dishes, some may ponder on "How do I cut this?" or "Where do I start?" Well, if you're paying for it, do whatever the hell you wish! Just as long as you do not make a big mess out of it and of course, be gentle. No one likes to hear the sounds of cutleries knocking on plates loudly.