Yong tau foo joints keep mushrooming over the years with high demands coming from yong tau foo lovers and steamboat lovers of which among the many, E Soo Yong Tau Foo made its way into the long list but the overall quality of this restaurant places itself as one of the top ten. It does not come to a surprise though that the place is always packed with people and its popularity has gradually risen over the years considering that the availability of plenty of main dishes to choose from and an extensive menu of side dishes to pair every main thing with can be gotten here. Many has agreed on its top notch service given and such exemplary one includes a rather swift and quick on the feet of the people manning the place – even at the busiest times, which takes up most of the hours. Nevertheless, the food quality does not size down and as much as a satisfying service it gives, the food is no less significant.

The extensive menu in E Soo Yong Tau Foo is well varied like any other yong tau foo joint but among the many, some received a quite remarkable spotlight such as the yam pork dish, fried brinjal, fried dumpling or possibly the pork ribs curry being one of the specialties of E Soo. The yong tau foo here is without a doubt already a hit with seafood balls choked full inside a bowl with fish paste soup swamping them but the ala carte dishes just simply cannot be missed. 

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Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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