E&O Fish Head Curry KL Kuala Lumpur

E&O Fish Head Curry is one of those restaurants that applies 1Malaysia concept to their restaurant. This restaurant is opened by Chinese, operated by Malays, and the dishes matches Indian cooking style. Although it is owned by Chinese, this eatery is serving halal delicacies and the majority of the workers including the chef are Muslims. Patrons from different races and backgrounds gather here just to taste possibly one of the best fish head curry in Kuala Lumpur.


The place is well known for their delightful fish head curry. The famous dish is served in a heated pot packed with vegetables including lady's fingers, brinjal, tomatoes and green chilli. A few tau foo pok can also be found in the thick and tasty gravy. Another must-try dish is the fried chicken that is marinated with special spices. With the perfect crispy skin on the outside, and juicy meat on the inside, this one really can’t be compared with other fast food joints’ fried chicken. Other delectable dishes like curry prawn (udang galah), curry crab, deep fried squid (sotong goreng), and the cracker are also available for order and they are simply the best in town.


Almost every single dish served here is tasty and mouth-watering, but good things come with a price. The price range can be on the pricier side especially with the current economic state, but with delicacies that matches the price, it is just something you are willing to overlook. Interior wise, it is simple and air-conditioned which is great good for a lunch in a hot afternoon!