Durian is a type of fruit that’s native to the people in Southeast Asia where it is regarded the King of Fruits. While that is so, the distinct taste of durian is an acquired taste; you either like it or you don’t. 
That being said, durians are still a very popular treat comes its season, usually in the middle of the year but to durian lovers, this may seem like a long wait. Luckily for those people, Durian Lagenda is around to provide all the good durian delicacy all year round, without having to wait for it to fall off a tree.

Situated in Lot 10 Hutong, Durian Lagenda has been around for quite some time selling their products on the international market. Opening their first branch here, Durian Lagenda is now available for Malaysians to enjoy at any time.

Durians have their own species and variety, some more expensive than others. But the few more popular ones are the Musang King and D24. Here at Durian Lagenda, one could enjoy the fruit at its natural state by getting the freshly frozen, peeled durian flesh of the two types mentioned. While the smell mellowed a little due to the freezing packaging, the odour after consumption may still be the same story. If that is a worry, then go for their Durian Ice Cream instead; smooth, chilly and it’s durian. As an extra treat, why not go for the Japanese fusion, Durian Mochi. With a soft mochi outside and the creamy D24 durian inside, you cannot go wrong with this dessert.

While being able to cater to Malaysians love for durian, good things always comes with a price. Even so, rare splurge are sometimes necessary. While you’re at it, try the Durian Pancake, Durian Cupcake in Dark Chocolate and Poppy Seed, and Durian Cookies too.