If you ever found yourself wandering the streets of Bukit Bintang during the day, searching high and low for a place with affordable good eats, do keep an eye out for DS Chua Brother Coffee Shop located along Tengkat Tong Shin. Open for business from the morning til late noon, this coffee shop caters to all your breakfast and luncheon needs.

In essence, this coffee shop comprises of several stalls that sells your everyday local Malaysian food fare, from chicken rice (the Char Siew is pretty delicious), pork noodles to Loh Mee, to Hor Hee (Fish Ball Noodles), Pan Mee and Yong Tau Foo. If one had to ask, among the many stalls, the one stall that sells pork noodles stood out the most, as the owner is constantly busy, hustling to full-fill the seemingly never-ending stream of orders.

In terms of its pork noodles (noodle choices ranging between flat rice noodle, silver needle noodle, vermicelli rice noodles), it has all the traits that makes for a decent bowl of porky goodness. Despite the broth's murky outlook, the first taste will reveal the fact that the flavours are done just right. Savoury with a hint of sweetness derived from the pork meat -slices and minced fillets; patrons will have an enjoyable time slurping down spoonful after spoonful of this decadent dish. 

Sold by the same stall that provides the pork noodles, the Loh Mee is also quite the popular favourite among the patrons of the Chua Brother's coffee shop. Best recommended with the serving of silver needle noodle, the thick starchy soup filled with eggy goodness brings about a hearty and savoury satisfaction for those who opted for this particular dish. 

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