In the friendly neighbourhood of Oversees Union Garden sits a plain and simple yet cosy and relaxing café that has looks that stand out from its surroundings through its outdoor look of greyness simplicity. Upon stepping inside the undemanding doors of accessibility, customers are greeted with more blatant straightforwardness in café style. Everything is where you expect it to be, similarly placed like other well-known cafés. The dim lighting from the overhead hanging lights shining upon the bricks and mortar wall to the light wooden tables and dark alloy chairs arranged in line much similar to leading lines in photography composition standing upon the polished concrete floor. 

Facing the entrance sits a chiller that houses pastries and cold beverages manned by ultimate friendly people with a long black board above their heads that lets similarly willing customers choose from their wide variety of caffeine fixes, craving desserts and savoury snacks. On top of that, headphones are available for you to spin away while enjoying whatever it is you have ordered to foster your personal taste. 

Being a coffeehouse, espresso based drinks would be an expected beverage to find on the menu and lucky for all the coffee addicts out there, they do. For those who prefers a little extra flavour in their coffee can definitely give the affogato, concentrated coffee topped with ice cream and their café latte as well as the Blueberry Yoghurt and Cookie Monster smoothie. Among the other food that they sell includes, sandwiches, French toast and big breakfast

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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