A brunch trip with friends to Dome would be lovely and what more if it is situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC), the ultimate attraction tucked in the dead centre of the city. Like any other Dome Cafes that stretches out to more than 10 branches across Malaysia, Dome Cafe in KLCC serves varieties of food and of course their infamous selections of coffees that are known worldwide with Dome being one of the mother brewers of all time. Their classic flat white or long macchiato is an everlasting crowd pleaser that never ceases to amaze its drinker - a classic yet still exemplary among the brewers out there.

Claimed to be a one-stop destination for an affordable daily luxury cafe experience that serves you the world’s best coffee, the concept it put through really is true to their words. Dome Cafe is known for its lavish coffee lifestyle and yet does not mean that the serving would burn a hole in your pocket. Its outlet in KLCC is a total gem especially when it houses a place for patrons to eat and munch out overlooking the magnificent fountain in the middle of KLCC which seems to be attracting most tourists there – but of course not to blame them, the fountain that goes up to 30 feet high looks spectacular and definitely cannot be missed! To boot, this cafe allows for enjoyment of both meals and coffees together with some colourful fountain performance on the side. For a less heavy set of meal, opt for their Wraps or perhaps Mushroom Soup