D' Legends Taman Tun Dr Ismail

Nothing says welcoming like the title ‘Neighbourhood Bistro Bar’. D' Legends have been around long enough to establish itself among its peers and customers. The attraction of this bar is that it serves the best of quality of bar drinks and foods, all at a reasonable price tag.  As a place that serves simple and tasty food, together with award winning beers in a friendly setting with attentive service, it is no wonder that the restaurant is still going strong.

D' Legends is known for its meaty menu. A haven for any meat lover, feel free to sink in the various type of meat at D' Legends, especially the pork. Pork Satay, Pork Burger and Pork Pizza, these are the three must have ingredients to keep customers coming back. The three Legend’s are the best selling items at D' Legends that even though in the attempt to keep things fresh, some dishes got kicked out and new others are introduced, but this three stays right where they are. Their pork is undoubtedly the star at the restaurant but patrons are free to choose any of the other tantalising choices. Honourable mentions include Chicken Tikka, Nachos Especiales with Lamb Chilli, and Tiger Beer Fish and Chips. Good news for the vegetarians, some dishes on the menu comes with a vegetarian option. Once done, wash the meat down with the finest beers that have been recognised as the best for the extra effort of maintaining the beer taps and a specially laid out bar so that only the fresh beers are served.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Saturday, Sunday

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