How about eating something out of the ordinary? Try out Croissant Delicatessen’s sandwiches. Situated between two sandwich joints, Croissant Delicatessen stood out from the competition by serving croissant instead of the usual loaf bread sandwiches. Even better, their croissant comes in four varieties; Classic, Garlic, Pumpkin and Wasabi. Not every day someone would be daring enough for wasabi-flavoured anything, but clearly Croissant Delicatessen is not onboard that ship.

The modern minimalist design and bright lighting give this restaurant a cosy and comfortable personality, and selecting what to eat is pretty easy, just refer to the chalkboard above the order counter. Since the restaurant is still new in the business, which is why the sandwich options have not been fully explored and improved just yet.
So far the fillings available at Croissant Delicatessen are Supreme Egg Mayo (with optional Smoked Salmon for a higher price), Pumpkin, Mushroom and Ham, Ocean Tuna, Turkey Ham, Broccoli and Cheese, Garlic and Basil Chicken, Grilled German Bratwurst, and the only sweet filling on the menu, Mixed Berries Chantilly. Every sandwich, or croissant filling, is designed to pair with a specific flavoured croissant. Customers are free to choose to pair the filling to whichever croissant flavour they wish, but the shop has their own recommendations for those who are undecided. Try the Ocean Tuna sandwich for instance; because wasabi is compatible with seafood, a tuna filling would compliment a wasabi croissant, and thus are served together. Some might feel off-put by the known-to-be strong taste of wasabi, but Croissant Delicatessen does it in a way that the taste is just there without being overbearing.

Aside from the choices of croissants, early birds are showering praises for their big breakfast, a hearty and tasty platter to kick off your day right. The café is also known for their artisan coffee that is better than some cafés. The hit list includes the normal Latte and Green Tea Latte, as well as the creamy Banana Soy juice that’s also a crowd favourite. Also for sweet tooths out there, they do serve a wide selection of cakes and cheesecakes too. In a nutshell, if comfort food and casual ambience are what you're looking for, Croissant Delicatessen will fit in right.

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