Located at the Great Eastern Mall, the Cozy House Restaurant has been popular since the 90s. This restaurant serves a variety of foods of local cuisine such as rice dishes, noodles and soups. There is also a Western section in the menu with various kinds of chicken chops, steaks and more.

Their signature Chicken Chop with Brown Gravy is a popular dish amongst customers. The dish consists of a 1/4 pan-fried chicken coated with gravy and served with fries on the side. It might not look like anything fancy but this simple dish is a tasty one and it does the job in satisfying your craving for good wholesome meal.

Their Curry Mee is also a delight if you are craving something with some spiciness. This dish is served with yellow noodles and a spicy curry broth that is garnished with parsley and chopped chilis. The taufu pok inside is juicy when delicious when it is soaked with the curry broth. You also have the option to choose if you would like this dish with chicken or beef.

The Sweet and Sour Garoupa is also a must have. This dish looks like a work of art with the fish arched and the garnish of parsley and chilis collected on its back. As the fish is not drenched but drizzled with the sauce, customer can enjoy the crunchy thin crust from the fish being coated with egg prior to frying. This dish is a fancy take on sweet and sour fish and definitely Insta-worthy!