Container Kebab Kuala Lumpur

Container Kebab is a Turkish-style Kebab chain under the Baba Rafi group which is the largest kebab group in the world.

To date, the Baba Rafi group operates more than 1300 kebab outlets in 10 countries and Container Kebab is one of their most successful brands launched. Container Kebab now has approximately 200 outlets in 4 countries and counting.


Being cooked and burnt on a pole was the origin of the Kebab, initiated centuries ago when humankind lacked resources to survive and was required to hunt for food in the wild. After hunting for meat, it was cooked by grilling over an open fire while still being on the sword. The concept has been maintained till date where the meat is burnt in the Kebab burner on a pole.


Container Kebab found its way to Malaysia when the Malaysian owner found out that the Kebab style was lacking in Malaysia. So he had a meeting with the Baba Rafi’s brand owner and Container Kebab was brought into Malaysia. 


The meal options provided were optimised and the perfect combinations were made for the satisfying experience for their customers. A variety of ingredients and flavours are decided based on local preferences. The portion served is generous and the sauces are mixed together to tickle your taste buds.

The base concept of the outlet is fast food and their special dish is The Chef’s Special, which includes double meat portion with the option of Chicken or Beef, with Eggs, with French Fries and mixed fresh vegetables and sauces. All rolled and grilled on their special tortilla.

They are also believed to be the first in the world to serve Black kebab. Their meal sets include a drink and fries. Their drink options consist of soft drinks, lemon tea and water.

Container Kebab aims to allow more Malaysians to have access and be able to experience this style of food served which is unique and aromatic but rarely found in Malaysia. They want people to experience the exotic taste of Middle Eastern cuisine locally with the concept of delivering it in a magical parcel of savour.  Hence, they opened Container Kebab.

To date, since the launch of Container Kebab Malaysia at the end of 2018. Container Kebab has 6 outlets in Malaysia and growing. Outlet locations are located in Johor, Seremban and Kuala Lumpur area.

More outlet locations can be found on their social media.

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