Colonial Cafe @ The Majestic Hotel City Center

With the rebirth of The Majestic Hotel which has long reign Kuala Lumpur since 1922, the Colonial Café reconstructs the atmosphere of the peaceful days of Malaya and serves an array list of authentic classical cuisine from the colonial era. Located in the Majestic Wing, the café seats 120 both indoors as well as outdoors covered courtyards with luxurious red leather chairs, crisply off-white tablecloths and timber panelling emphasizing more of the colonial ambience along with the sight of greenery from the gardens.

To pair along the colonial atmosphere, here comes the beautifully illustrated menu that includes a variety of cuisine that was once a favourite among Brits and high socialite during that time. One of the signature dishes at Colonial Café is the Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball made with smooth and succulent poached chicken served along with soup and house-made condiments of chilli and garlic sauce. Another crowd’s favourite is the Hainanese Chicken Chop. Mulligatawny is also served as it once used to be a comfort food for employees of the East India Company.

For a delightful tea time treat, you will want to of course get their high tea set which includes a variety of sweet desserts such as Almond Praline, Raspberry Curd and Milk Chocolate Tart, Chocolate Cake, Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Mousse coated with Chocolate, shooter of Gianduja Crisp, Dulcey Cream, Streusel, Passion Curd and last Raspberry and Vanilla cookies cream puff. Chicken Tandoori, Egg and cucumber, vegetarian pesto, tuna and smoked salmon sandwiches are located on the last tier. A selection of mini chicken pie, sardine rolls and quiche are also included in this high tea set as well as two types of buttery warm scones (plain and raisin along with a choice of Cameronian Gold Blend Tea or Arabica coffee. For lunch and dinner, beverages such as wine, tea, whiskey, cocktails and more are available.