Coliseum Café can be considered one of the oldest surviving restaurants in Malaysia. With a history dated back to way before World War II, this restaurant still operates at the same location as it did since 1921. Almost a century ago, Coliseum Café only served the British people that had a hold on the land back then. What use to be classic Western dishes, the menu has manifested itself into a Western Hainanese cuisine due to the influence of Hainanese immigrants from China that developed their own interpretation of western dishes.

Generally maintaining the typical colonial grillroom, much of the original wood interior and trimmings were preserved until today. The interior design of the original branch is divided into two; the bar area and the dining area. The bar area maintains its classic looking furniture with cushioned armchairs and low tables. The dining hall doesn’t seem to signify the long history of the restaurant with its relatively modern furnishings.

The front runner of the restaurant’s west meets east fusion is the Hainanese Chicken Chop. The chicken batter was done well enough without overpowering the chicken or the sauce, and fried to its golden brown and crispy perfection. The homemade sauce is well balanced in flavour with its concoction of tomatoes with onions, mushrooms and peas. Another signature dish among many signature dishes is the Sizzling Steaks that comes in different cuts with choices of black pepper, mushroom, garlic or brown sauce.

Having been around for so long, Coliseum has a lot of know-how’s on serving only the best every time. It took nine decades but Coliseum has finally started to expand to other places like Mid Valley, Jaya 33 and Sunway Pyramid. Other must-try also includes the Oxtail Soup, Baked Crabmeat, Grilled Australian Steak, and Hainanese Noodles.