Coco Steamboat Jalan Klang Lama

Steamboat or Hot Pot is a uniquely Asian tradition that has a history of more than 1,000 years. Originated from Mongolia, this culture is now a part of the food culture across East and South East Asia, as a mean to celebrate life through food. Coco Steamboat is one of the many hot pot restaurants around. However, it posed a double attraction for its shop size and flavour. This brand branch in Old Klang Road is housed inside a warehouse that could fit around a thousand customers at any given time, and for a good reason. Almost always this restaurant would be full and if you’re slightly late to the party, you would have to wait until a table is free.

If there is one thing that Coco Steamboat is famous for, that got everyone talking, is their Double Stewed Pork Knuckle Soup. In any steamboat, the soup base to cook all of the raw materials in is the crown jewel. A good soup base would ensure extra flavour in every bite. The soup is boiled with a big size pork knuckle for hours that resulted in a milky and creamy broth, flavoured with the meat and collagen that comes from the pork knuckle. To make things easier, Coco Steamboat offer four sets of raw materials (to eat with the awesome soup base), each with a different addition to them. For instance the third and fourth set; the Superior Beef Set and the Jumbo Crab Set, fit for bigger parties or a party with big appetites. Coco Steamboat also offers cooked food, extra additions of Fresh Seafood, Fresh Meat, Pork Internal Organs, as well as vegetables, as many to your liking.