Everything you expect from an Italian restaurant is here at Ciccio. Start your meal by eating meat the Italian way with the cold cuts platter or Affettato Misto served with olives, pickles and cocktail onions. If uncooked meat is less your style, go for Buratta, a serving of fresh Puglia mozzarella with tomatoes, rockets and olive oil, or any of the four Bruschetta choices. Ciccio offers both dried and homemade pasta though the star would be their homemade raviolis and gnocchi's like their Ravioli Spinaci e Ricotta of spinach and ricotta cooked in butter and sage, and the potato dumplings with gorgonzola and cream sauce, otherwise known as Gnocchi al Gorgonzola. Ciccio offers mains like a seafood platter of grilled pleasure in the form of Seabass, Squid and King Prawns, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and Australian beef tenderloin (Manzo) with Porcini Mushroom sauce (Funghi) and truffle oil. With over 20 choices of pizza toppings, you can go wild with what to order or you can try their Prosciutto e Funghi of tomato, mozzarella, cotto ham and mushrooms on a thin crust pizza baked in a wood-fired oven. Also, good news for all the wine lovers; prepare to indulge in the extensive wines available at Ciccio regardless of taste, colour and budget.

With over 10 years under their belt, Ciccio already has a following. Consists of Italian food lovers and lovers of all food, Ciccio continues to be one of the best restaurant that showcases the beauty of Italian cooking. Its rustic décor brings warmth and welcoming ambience to its customers that makes it perfect for a night out to sample Italian’s finest.