Did you know that there is a new Korean fried chicken outlet opened at Setapak PV128? Yes, you read that right! Choo Choo Chicken Restaurant was recently opened on 30 May 2015. This restaurant has received a lot of good reviews from their customers especially from students crowd. It has now become a huge trend among the youths enjoying lip-smacking fried chicken wing while pairing it with a glass of beer. Originally from Singapore, this franchise is famous for offering delectable crispy and crunchy fried chicken prepared using Korean recipes and method.


Most of the diners like to order the simple set meal that comes with the popular seaweed rice alongside four serving of fried chicken wings that are fried with five selections of flavours – Spicy, crispy, soy, sweet, and garlic. If you are not a fan of rice, you can swap it with some wedges. One thing you need to know; this place is a self-service restaurant. First, find yourself a table and go through the extensive selection of menu. Then, you’ll be given a piece of paper to write down your desired dishes. Lastly, place your order at the counter and collect your meal once it is ready.


Once you try the spicy chicken wings, you will be instantly addicted. The chicken is nicely coated with spicy sauce and crunchy batter. While the outside is deliciously crispy, the meat in the inside is perfectly juicy and tender. You will taste the spiciness slowly filling up your taste bud. Have you tried something called sushi burger? Here you can try yourself the Choo Choo Cham Chi Burger. It consists of seaweed rice sandwiched with kimchi filling, mayonnaise, and tuna. It is definitely a must-try dish.


The interior is also not bad, with its black furniture theme, cement walls, and caging fence. This place is definitely the new potential hot spot for everyone to chill while having a good chicken wing. 

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