Chola Kitchen Restaurant @ KL Kuala Lumpur

Located at the ground floor of Amplewest KL, Chola Kitchen is an Indian Restaurant that has a simple theme for their restaurant. Even the restaurant has the simplest setting, but the food was on another level. It is definitely going to tingle your taste buds. The restaurant not only serves great Indian food, but with a very comfy environment. 

There’s so much to eat here at Chola Kitchen, basically their menu is specifically on Indian Cuisine. Genuinely, when it comes to curry and biryani, you know you can get it at any Indian Restaurants and one thing that you need to try whenever you are at Chola Kitchen is the Mutton Biryani. The taste of the curry is nice and the softness of the mutton is just perfect when you eat together with the biryani.



Moving on, the second dish would be the Chicken Kathu Prata. This is the first time I have ever tried something like this and turned out I really loved it. This menu is different as it is the combination of roti paratha and chicken curry. The roti paratha and chicken are shredded into small pieces and mixed together. This dish will taste even more delicious when you dip with the sauces that they provide.

Not just that, if you are looking for something spicy, you should try the Chicken Devil. It’s the best we’ve ever tried. This dish has a unique blend of curry and chili flavor. Despite how spicy the dish is, once you have tried you will surely love it!

Other than that, the Mango Lassi is highly recommended! Anyone that loves mango will definitely fall in love with this drink. Because the sweetness of the mango is just perfect. During a hot sunny day, surely Mango Lassi is for you.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

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