Chin Kee Pan Mee City Center

Literally translates to ‘flat flour noodle’, pan mee is a Hakka-style noodle originating from Malaysia that forms part of the never-ending list of Malaysian Chinese cuisine. While Chin Kee Pan Mee on the other hand, likewise originates from Malaysia, is a hawker stall located at the ground floor of Wisma Cosway that sells the Hakka-style noodle. Conveniently Wisma Cosway is well-known for comprising numbers of restaurants and been catering the working crowds around the area, hence there will not be a problem in locating the place since it will be swarmed with customers during peak hours.

Such exemplary pan mee that they serve, patrons can opt for more than an option considering the place provides variety of them such as the Dry Pan Mee, Curry Pan Mee, and even Tomyam Pan Mee. But why mention Chin Kee without its best-selling Spicy Dry Pan Mee that seems to be one of patrons favourite. While the pan mee is boiled to perfection, it is then seasoned with black sauce together with sautéed minced pork. Anchovies, vegetables and black fungus are to be topped with later in completing a faultless bowl of Dry Pan Mee. Even better, pork ball is also available as a side, adding up to a much meatier taste to the palette. Moreover, nothing pleases the crowd like a giant bowl of dry pan mee. You read that right folks, as the portion they serve for one is enough to feed a cow! Inevitably customers will definitely come back for a big plate of a delicious meal.