Cheras Flats Steamed Fish Head Cheras

Places selling good food don’t simply pop out on Google when you search for it, no, good food travel by word of mouth. The kind of places that are hidden in corners of unknown territories and yet manage to muster different people from all walks of life. Cheras Flats Steamed Fish Head is such place. Named based on their location, don’t be deterred by the age-old stall or the less-than-fancy setting, this place is arguably selling the best steamed fish head in town.

The stall serve four variations of cooking for the steamed fish head; Classic, Bean Paste, Preserved Vegetables and Chopped Ginger. Although most would go for the classic, where the ingredients used to cook the fish with are not so strong thus bringing out the natural flavour of the fish, it depends on individual taste buds which one suits you best. Or if all suit you just fine. Because the fish head is chopped in half, expect all the juices and marinate to seep fully and flavour the flesh. Savour the fresh, juicy, silky fish meat and gobble up the sauces with their steaming hot white rice. Although a meal of just steamed fish and rice is enough, why not include a plate of Lettuce with Oyster Sauce to chow it down with? After all, vitamins are crucial for a complete, healthy meal.

The stall is amongst a row of stall shops, all selling their best dishes. Once done with your steamed fish head, you could always ‘tapau’ acclaimed delicacies from other stalls for a round two later on.

Operating Hour

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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