With so many restaurants on the map, it is a race to see who can serve the best and the most creative. Chequers took up the challenge and come up with a never-before-seen in Malaysia, and turn the idea into reality. Meet the first restaurant to visualise and bring to life; full—on savoury waffles. Waffles are usually synchronised with desserts, and while there have been efforts to combine waffles with proteins (bacon bits), it’s still served sweet. Then Chequers came along with their burger waffles.

Chequers caters to any meal of the day; breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner with their variety of fresh and premium menu. For breakfast, you could order The Catcha, which consists of a savoury waffle, scrambled eggs and smoked salmon; or switch the salmon for beef bacon and poached instead of scrambled eggs in Down Home Benny; or perhaps get the classic waffle with butter, berry compote and maple syrup in Back to Basics. Go for their signature savoury waffles any time of day such as Chequers Chicken Square which combines spicy savoury waffles with breaded chicken patty, purple raisin slaw, chicken jus and sriracha sauce, and the veggie-licious Shroom Fiesta of spinach  waffle, grilled Portobello, balsamic reduction, rocket salad and parmesan.

Although they are a waffle-specialised restaurant, Chequers still offers main courses like Pesto Seebass and Philly Cheesed Steak Sandwich in order to cater to as many people as possible. Even with all the new creations, Chequers still have the much-loved sweet waffles, like everyone’s favourite dessert (with a waffle twist!) in Deconstructed Tiramisu, or Melting Moments for fans of banana fritters, served on a waffle, topped with almond nibs and vanilla ice-cream with a drizzle of caramel and chocolate sauce. There is so much offered at Chequers; we're sure you would be able to find something on their menu which would be to your liking. If you haven't, give them a try today!

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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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