Checkers Damansara Heights

Secluded out of the city circuits and in depths of Bukit Damansara, Checkers Restaurant is still welcoming crowds especially during the weekends.  The average-looking surrounding the place does not stop customers from coming in great numbers. That definitely shows how much of a ‘porky’ this place can be. Yes, you read that right. This restaurant is strictly for pork-lovers who would want to dive in pig anatomy galore stretched from head to toe, literally, from the Pig Spare Ribs that seems to be the place best-selling dish of the menu to the Crispy Pig Tails, tails fried to perfection on every crunch bitten. Obvious on every corner of the restaurant, drawings and signboards of pigs are hanged to indicate the place’s specialty where one can never miss out.  

This homely restaurant may not seem like your usual fine-dining joint nevertheless, the dishes are prepared with exclusivity and high-end finishing almost like the saying ‘never judges a book by its cover’. The Roast Pork Knuckle being one of the recommended by the owner himself, Mr Tan, is served with mashed potatoes and some greens complementing the meat, is a sinfully delicious dish that will be hard to say no to. The rib too is no comparison. Calling out Lord of the Rings’ fans out there, Lord of the Ribs is available with a whole rack of pork ribs accompanied by mashed potatoes dumped on the side. Sounds way too precious not to try and it will probably get the eye of Sauron to turn to it, who knows!