Coming from humble beginnings of a small joint in a food court, Chawan now has 4 branches across KL, making it one of the successful home-grown establishments with multiple franchises. Known for their signature Malaysian style cuisine, it is praised for its creativity with coffee tastes, and popularising Malaysian flavours.

The concept of the restaurant brings you back to the good ol’ days where local coffees are appreciated, when times were simpler and happiness is easily found in good food and good company. Chawan proves to be a place for people to come together at any time of day, for any meal and have a great time. Especially with classics such as Nasi Lemak with Spiced Fried Chicken, or Smoked Beef (or chicken) cooked in Spicy Turmeric Coconut Milk Gravy, served with white rice. Then there’s also the all-time favourites, Nasi Tomato, rice cooked with tomatoes and usually served with Ayam Masak Merah, and Lontong, a dish of cubed rice with vegetables cooked in light coconut milk. However, what keeps bringing people back to Chawan would definitely be its range of coffee. Chawan offers fourteen varieties of local brews from different states in Peninsular Malaysia. Served in a Baba Nyonya old style coffee cup (or chawan) along with ‘biskut kapal’, it’s like taking a trip down memory lane. Customers can also choose the style of serving for their coffee; hot, cold, ice-blended, milkshake or their own Chawan Frappe. In the ever growing food industry and the intense competition between restaurants, it’s nice to see a local brand serving local delights making a name for itself.

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