Charlie’s Café has not been around for long and yet has already gotten quite the attention. Wanting to do their part and giving back to the community, owners Sonny and Debra fulfilled their wish to open up a café that would help the unfortunate. Coming from Eastern Malaysia, the couple wants to give opportunities to Sabahans and Sarawakians to build their life, which is why the café employs indigenous people and especially those struggling to find work.

The bright yellow awning on the outside makes Charlie's Cafe to be easily identified, while inside its bright, colourful and comfortable. 

The kind of food served at Charlie’s Café is very Malaysian, from Nasi Lemak to the Eastern favourite, Laksa Sarawak, the menu is still growing, with potential addition of more Eastern Malaysian cuisine. Other mains also include Tom Yam Noodles and Dry Chicken Noodles. Those who feel less on rice and more on bread can always order from their ciabatta selection of either chicken or beef sandwich.

Charlie’s Café perhaps are more known for their lovely homemade pastries. The ever-growing snack menu already has a number of hits like their fresh-baked Scones, ‘When Charlie met Snowhite’ Cheesecake and the seasonal Musang King Durian Cheesecake. There are also other durian cakes when it’s in season.

Charlie’s Café also tries to include as much indigenous products in their cooking so that the ‘orang asli’ could have a more stable income. Another system available at the café is the ‘Pay-it-forward’ system that allows customers to pay an extra RM5 to help those who are looking for a hot meal. The idea is already popular in Western countries, and for someone to take a step towards the right direction here, it gives one hope that there is still kindness in the world. 

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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