Thai culinary arts are never short on its list of cuisines, from clear tomyam soup to the authentic curries that has been around for generations. For a great fine Thai cuisine experience, head down to Chakri Palace where the customers are gladly welcomed by greeters dressed in modern Thai traditional dress, and the food are no less than to be prepared by a highly renowned celebrity chef, Chef McDang. A world-famous author for of numerous cook books, Chef McDang puts his knowledge into character for others to enjoy and relish on some of the best royal authentic dish from the land of temples and Buddha.

The Palace first opened its doors to the customers back in 1999 situated in the heart of KLCC and has been a hot spot for corporate and white collar professionals. Do not be surprised if you encounter a famous figure dining next to your table as many international and local celebrities had picked the place to indulge themselves in a fine Thai experience which includes our beloved Malaysian Prime Minister, the Prime Minister of Thailand, and even the Indonesian Prime Minister. Chakri has sure built a good reputation plagued to its name.

Some of the recommended dishes include Pheb Ob Kana, coffee-marinated duck that is fried to crisp and accompanied by kalian. For a classic taste of Thai curries, opt for Gaeng Keaw Wan with a choice chicken, beef, or prawn. No matter the soups, mains, or the desserts, this wallet-friendly restaurant will definitely be worth the trip.